Set of 24 manuscript riddles, with index. by [MANUSCRIPT RIDDLES.]


Set of 24 manuscript riddles, with index.

23 [of 24] thick coloured cards (115 x 77 mm), yellow, blue and pink, bearing numbered manuscript riddles, 1-182, the sequence starting on the verso of each card (1 - 103) and continuing on the versos, the cards lettered A to Z, without letters J and U (not included) but wanting Card X, written in ink in a neat hand, in landscape, typically three or four riddles per page, with an accompanying answer sheet, closely written in four sections on both sides of a single sheet (232 x 156 mm), folded in four to match the size of the question cards, with some answers not filled in.

A charming set of nineteenth century manuscript riddles. Compiled presumably for personal entertainment, these neatly written and carefully indexed cards provide inspiration for all of us newly becoming accustomed to providing our own entertainment in Lockdown. Turn off Netflix and compile a card index system of riddles!

21. Why is a Fender like Westminster Abbey? - It contains the ashes of the Great.
25. Why is a Man who has not paid for his wig, like a spendthrift? ‘Over head and ears in debt’.

The original work included a total of 182 riddles but in this set set Card X is missing, which would have had riddles 94-98 on the verso and 109-111 on the recto. This leaves a total of 174 riddles to entertain and instruct the reader. The answers to each of the missing riddles is present in the original answer sheet, so the challenge to our readers is to complete the set.

The answers to the missing Riddles are as follows:

94. ‘It can a tail unfold’
95. ‘Murmur’
96. ‘B. R. and G.’
97. ‘He has been kidnapping’
109. ‘Misfortune’
110. ‘Blush’
111. ‘Equal’

Provenance, by repute, Lathbury, Suffolk.

Keywords: Children
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