Regole per le maestre pie nelle scuole di carità per…

Education for poor girls in Milan

Regole per le maestre pie nelle scuole di carità per le povere figlie. Milan, Gartano Motta al Malcantone, 1807.

First Edition. 8vo (198 x 132 mm), pp. 19, [1] blank, some light staining on the inside wrappers but text clean and printed on good quality paper, in contemporary red and olive green patterned paper wrappers,

An extremely scarce publication detailing the rules and objectives for Charity Schools in Milan set up by the Unione di Carità e Beneficenza in 1807. Much of the work is concerned with the duties of the teachers, who were mostly female lay volunteers dedicated to the education of poor girls. The final part of the publication details the school rules, stating that girls should be between 5 and 14 years old, their families too poor to pay for an education elsewhere, that they should dress and behave with decorum, be in a good state of health and be free from lice or other infestations.
The teacher volunteers are instructed to teach their charges in religion, writing and mathematics, encouraging them to learn a trade suited to their individual inclination and talents, so that they might be in a position to earn an honest living on leaving the school. Virtues of humility, obedience and modesty were to be inculcated in the girls from an early age while vanity, giddiness and deceitfulness were to be strictly avoided. Discipline was encouraged alongside impartiality, with punishments suiting the misdemeanours and preventative measures suggested such as only allowing the girls to go to the loo one at a time, all intended to keep the girls’ behaviour seemly, charitable and industrious. Advice was to be given to older girls as they reach the top of the school and prepare either to get married or to go into service.

Not in OCLC; one copy traced at the Biblioteca Salita dei Frati at Lugano.

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