Maps and plans, by NEELE, G.J.


Maps and plans, illustrative of Livy, containing Hannibal’s Expedition - Spain - Passage of the Alps and Cisalpine Gaul &c. Oxford, J. Vincent, 1826.

First Edition. 8vo (225 x 140 mm), atlas volum with ff. [1] title-page, [32], maps and illustrations, some in pairs (double page) bound at the central point, in contemporary half roan over yellow marbled boards, printed paper label, with a very ugly reback and ownership inscription excised from endpaper.

A workaday binding but a lovely collection of maps and prints, all illustrating different scenes or passages from the works of Livy. The volume contains the following: Hannibal's expedition -- Spain -- Passage of the Alps and Cisalpine Gaul -- Central Italy -- Italy & Sicily -- Mysia and Lydia -- Vicinity of Rome -- Rome -- Caudine Forks -- Passage of the Rhone [view] -- Plan of the battle at the Trebia -- Battle of Thrasimenus -- Battle of Cannae -- A plan of Syracuse illustrative of Livy -- The Toleno [view] The Sambuca [view] -- Plan of the battle at the Metaurus -- Plan of the battle of Zama -- Plan of Sparta -- Plan of the battle of Cynocephalae -- Plan of the battle of Magnesia -- Plan of a Roman encampment -- Testudo, Musculus, battering ram, covered galleries, covered gallery [views] -- Balista, catapulta [views].

OCLC lists Bangor, Bancroft, Newberry, Boston College, Brown and Otago University.

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