Voyage au Monde de la Lune, by GODWIN, Francis (1562-1633).BAUDOIN,…

Voyage au Monde de la Lune, by GODWIN, Francis (1562-1633).BAUDOIN, Jean, (1564-1650), translator. < >
GODWIN, Francis (1562-1633).
BAUDOIN, Jean, (1564-1650), translator.

Voyage au Monde de la Lune, Découverte par Dominique Gonzales, Avanturier Espagnol, surnommé, Le Courier Volant. Traduit nouvellement de l’Espagnol. Paris, Antoine de Heuqueville, 1731.

Third Edition in French. 12mo (156 x 90 mm), pp. [iv], 5-68, [2] approbation & privilège, [2] advertisements, in modern calf, spine gilt.

A scarce edition of Jean Baudoin’s popular translation of Godwin’s ground-breaking science fiction fantasy, The Man in the Moone, London, 1638. Baudoin’s translation was first published under the title L’homme dans la lune, ou le voyage chimérique fait au monde de la lune nouvellement descouvert, par Dominique Gonzalez, adventurier espagnol, autrement dit le Courrier volant, Paris 1648. Godwin’s work is important not only as an early interplanetary voyage with a utopian description of the society on the moon but also for its interpretation of the astronomical theories of Copernicus and Kepler. in this French translation, it was also a key inspiration for Cyrano de Bergerac’s Histoire comique contenant les Etats et Empires de la Lune, Paris 1657.
Originally published posthumously and anonymously, the work is written in the first person by the protagonist, a Spaniard called Domingo Gonzalez, who is forced to feel Spain after killing a man in a duel. In the course of his travels, he develops a flying machine powered by a species of wild swan. In attempting to escape from hostile natives, Gonzalez flies higher and higher and eventually, after a flight of twelve days, reaches and lands on the moon, where he discovers a society of tall, peaceful Christians called the Lunars. Gonzalez spends six months living in this peaceful Utopian society, before returning to earth in his swan-powered flying contraption and passing on his remarkable adventures to the Jesuits.

See Cioranescu XVII, 10464; Versins p. 32.

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