His Majesties Reasons by JAMES II (1633-1701).

JAMES II (1633-1701).

His Majesties Reasons for With-drawing Himself from Rochester. Writ with His own Hand, and Ordered by Him to be Published. Rochester, 1688.

First Edition. Folio broadside, (350 x 200 mm), drop-head title printed in five lines, printed in Roman letter, the first two words of title printed in black letter, text printed on one side only, some browning, old stain in the centre, with a small piece of the lower section of the margin cut away.

A poignant letter written by King James the night before he set sail from Rochester. He sets out his reasons for flight, complaining of the treatment he had received in London at the order of the Prince of Orange, who had arrested Lord Feversham, taken possession of the posts at Whitehall and sent three Lords to him at one in the morning commanding him to leave his palace the next morning.
‘After all this, How could I hope to be safe, so long as I was in the Power of one, who had not only done this to me, and Invaded all my Kingdoms without any just occasion given him for it, but that did by his first Declaration lay the greatest Aspersion upon me that Malice could invent, in that Clause of it which concerns my Son... I was born Free, and desire to continue so; and tho I have ventured my Life very frankly, on several Occasions, for the Good and Honour of my Country and am as free to do it again... yet I think it not convenient to expose my self to be Secured, as not to be at Liberty to Effect it; and for that reason do with-draw’.

Wing J376.

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